Allan Gaarde is the sporting director of Aalborg and speaking to SDNA, he tried to describe the qualities of the player.-Should Panathinaikos expect a new Henriksen? “No. They do not have the same playing style, but they are pretty much alike character-wise. As Henriksen, Thelander is also the definition of a professional. He works hard in training, he's constantly trying to improve and he gives everything for his teammates and for the whole team. He is one of the players who believe that team comes always first and he never stops fighting”.-What about his characteristics?“Obviously he's very strong in the air, thanks also to his height, but he's also fast enough for a central defender. That's a huge advantage. He's dangerous in set-pieces , he passes the ball with ease and he has a very good mentality. He believes in himself, but he's humble and he works a lot”, said Gaarde who used to be an international player and played, among others, in Aalborg.

“Thelander is quick, strong and a fighter”