We did not have to wait until Sunday night to realize that we do not have actual football. We are a whorehouse. Our State is the same as Greek football, it simply reminds us our society, nothing more, nothing less.

All of us who continue to cooperate at this from any place are simply stupid. The fans, the journalists, the footballers. However, football is like a drug. If you taste it once, anything can happen afterwards. And that's what happened yesterday, once again.

Was it the first time or the thousand one? A (difficult but fair) goal was mistakenly disallowed at 90', decisive for the title, a president stormed in the field, the linesman agreed it was a goal, then turned his decision to offside without raising his flag, all the people in the field were fighting, the referees were threatened and when they returned to the locker rooms, they realized obviously by watching the incident from the video that they made a mistake and counted the goal. At the locker rooms.

The fans were leaving the stadium but then returned, the referee informed us at 23.05 that the match will start again, but the opponents refused to return to the field. Please, for God's sake... The teams are now just a way for the so-called football fans at social media and sports websites to fight, without any jokes or fun, but with hatred, disunity, poison and a "we screw you" attitude.

If you can not do that in actual life, you try to do it behind a PC, that's life. Word by word, everybody is now poisoned. Ivan Savvidis believes that everybody is against PAOK. Dimitris Melissanidis that the matches are fixed against AEK. Vangelis Marinakis that the State is his team's personal enemy.

Ivan Savvidis with a gun at his belt was a shocking picture for the public. Still, before that, we have to look at what had happened. While you were watching the football games every Sunday, until PAOK - Olympiacos recent derby clash, there was only poison sprayed in the atmosphere. Everybody was fixing the other, there were bonuses to other teams, things like that. So, only one drop of water was enough for the glass to be full and the excuse was given. PAOK lost everything in 15 days. Instead of being at +4 from AEK, they were dropped to many points behind. From the stupidity of one person, from the mistake of not having a safety net at the stadium, from the fixing, from the referee with his extra statement. A real fixing against them, a professional one.

Ivan Savvidis and the whole organization of PAOK were desperated and finally lost their minds. There was also the recent, awful example of Vladan Ivic case plus something more: They do not really know how to fight for the championship. You can not buy this experience, you have to live it. Fighting for the champinship in Greece is like a pig fight. You have to lay on the dirt to win and PAOK do not have such experience, they are naive. Olympiacos, the king of that. And they managed to achieve their goal, which was not winning the championship which such a disappointing team, but destroying the "alliance", turn the one against the other and turn the first competitive championship into something bad. They actually did that.

PAOK and AEK, AEK and PAOK, who cares about the line of the names, are the ones responsible for that. Vangelis Marinakis would had never done Ivan Savvidis mistake. During his era as Head of the Criminal Organization -according to the charges from Attorneys Koreas, Daskalopoulos, Andreadis- nothing was left to be decided in the field.

He would not have allowed the title to be decided at a home clash with a mistakenly disallowed as offside goal. An offside goal would have been counted instead. Marinakis, at his "golden" era, would not have allowed a final for the title. Everybody knows that if PAOK were 10 points ahead of AEK before Sunday's match, nothing would have happened. Only once the system did not manage to clear things out about the points difference, at the notorious match with Panathinaikos' Kostas Katsouranis disallowed goal, and afterwards we were witnesses of amazing things: the footballers of Panathinaikos were beaten, a president was yelling "I screw you" to an international footballer, criminal charges, pretty things like those.

My opinion about linesman Pontikis is exactly the same one with that about Kalfoglou at the Greek Cup final. His whole attitude, his decisions at this game, even his hesitation at 90' are telling me that he was a frightened, scared man without intention to do something wrong. He was simply very unlucky. AEK lost the Cup, PAOK will lose the championship. Let's go to the next level now... Ivan Savvidis returned to zero point after all his effort of years for Greek football. I am not speaking about the sports part. We saw a picture that will be mentioned in the future, while for six years in Greece he was not involved in bullying, bomb cases, kidnappings, threatening, blackmailing, without any charges against him. Exactly what the criminal organization had done. He saw the referees constantly be unfair to his team and there was not even a... joke phone call to them. He saw the Media of his opponents attacking to him and responded only in the legal way.

I doubt that there is even one journalist with an SMS from him at his hands. He has to apologize, but I can not wear his shoes or enter his mind to predit things, towards the supporters of PAOK and to himself. Because he was wrong only to them, nobody else. Nobody in the field felt threatened, because they did not even see the gun. The gun was only at the photos (because the good captain would have asked the "kids" to disappear them before being shown in public). The Media of the criminal organization, the mainstream ones, the bloggers of SDNA (the dirt of system's loyal servants against it was once again ridiculed), everybody is rightfully standing at this incident and telling his opinion. Nobody is talking about the disallowed goal any more, this conversation is over.

Ivan Savvidis invested 100 million euros in Greek football waiting for this moment, it is not weird that he lost his mind, but we can not make excuses for what happened, we should criticize it. PAOK will lose this match, will suffer punishment and the picture of Savvidis is everywhere. The picture of a man fighting for a fair treatment in the wrong way.

I am willing to accept the argument that he forgot that he was carrying a gun, that he did not threaten anybody with something that legally has and did not point it to anybody. I can not understand what he was doing in the field, with or without a gun. PAOK lost everything at this moment. The possibility for the goal to count, the five minutes of match against AEK in order to score or take the point of draw and continue fighting for the title, with 20-30% of chances and waiting for AEK to lose one of the five remaining games.

So, Savvidis will "pay" for his mistake with public talking or humiliation, from the two opposite sides of the river of Greek football. It was definitely a mistake, but if there is something we should take into consideration is the life of a man before this incident.

Ivan Savvidis was never accused of blowing up bakeries, he has not asked for journalists who were not bending over him to be fired, he has not... "killed" journalists who made mistakes against his team and when he made a statement about them (Kalogeropoulos, for example), he was not successful. So, it is easy to say that the public opinion feels today like taking a strong fist at the stomach.

We have not seen many guns in football fields, that's why the whole Europe is speaking about Greece. Personally, I was not impressed with Dimitris Melissanidis' attack to referee delegate last season, or with Vangelis Marinakis' statement after Djibril Cisse was beaten. The things that make me wonder about if there is any meaning in working and living for football are the fire at Bikas' house, the bullets sent to Grammenos, the blowing up of a building at Kifisias Avenue recently, the grenades... I agree with Aris Asvestas, who wrote today an excellent article, worth of being read. We did not fight for this kind of football in Greece! We fought against the criminal organization, which destroyed it. They stole our Sundays, they were hitting and threatening all those who had a different opinion, because we wanted to watch a competitive championship, without the first team stealing all the others every Sunday, at the same time. And this will not be changed by any mistake of Savvidis or Melissanidis, in the future.

We are here exactly for that. To now allow anybody to build a new criminal organization with dirty referees, judges, journalists and opponents. So, we will not agree with those who are trying to equate seven years of injustice, crookness ane corruption with one tragic and awful scene, this is not fair. Mafia is fixing, executing and not allowing any decisive for the title match to be decided at the 90th minute of a game, is having everything already done before that. It is not Mafia, but naivety entering the field, taking out your jacket and letting everybody see this picture of you. Mafia is closing the cameras at the locker rooms of your stadium, when you are losing 0-1 at the halftime, and beating the opponent footballers in order to win the title.

Ivan Savvidis became obsessed with winning the title. And this obsession, which was entered in Greek football from other presidents, was turned into a behavior which we do not want to see again in the future. PAOK and himself will have to pay the price, once again. Because this is the right thing. You have to pay for your mistakes. But which is the price for the corruption and the criminal organization, which is the price of raping Greek football? When did the rubbish people, who are nowadays giving free lessons of morality and pointing fingers, wrote anything about, spoke or criticized the awful things we saw in the past?

Ivan Savvidis mistake and the hypocrisy of football Mafia