"What happened between Vasilis Spanoulis and me at Game 4 of Basket League finals is over, not something to comment on Media or speak with the people about it. I do not want to say that he told me something racist or insulting, it is clearly something between him and me. My job is trying to make it difficult for the guards of the opponent team to play pick 'n' roll and be creative. I am playing as center during the changes in defense, I do not want to allow the other guards controlling the tempo. My opponents respect me for this part of my game and they are proving that when I play against them.

I want the best for me, my family and my career, Greece is an excellent home for me all these years. I don't have any real reasons to live, but at the same time I am a professional basketball player and this is my life. I am not aware of BC Khimki offer about me, I have my agent to handle these things, so I am not thinking them so much. I want to stay at Panathinaikos BC, I don't have any reasons to live but this is not only my decision. I hope to reach an agreement and everybody to be happy with the new situation, right now I want to rest with my family and then start thinking about the next season.

Mike Batiste is a close friend of mine and I respect him, I can't wait for getting a Greek passport, I am here for many years, so I don't see any reason why not. There are many players in other countries who have already gotten passports, so becoming a member of Greece National Team would be a really nice plan. I would be very happy, so much fun, I am performing with many of the international players, some of them are my teammates, others my opponents. It will be great playing in the Eurobasket will all of them, I would love to be a part of such experience", said the 31-year-old American at his SDNA interview.

Gist at SDNA: "I want to stay at Panathinaikos and be a member of Greece National Team"