I don't know about you my friends but I celebrated the Easter on Wednesday. When I read in the report with the following title: “Vaggelis Marinakis has been vindicated over Coriopolis scandal”. Then I took my candle and clashed an egg delightfully on Asvestas's jockey.

On Thursday morning I almost roasted a lamp when I read the entertaining front page of Gavros and Protathlitis newspapers. At last the justice has been given. Just read what the Olympiakos papers claim to make yourself happy. “The vindication of Vaggelis Marinakis against the provocation all the previous years”. That's how the Olympiakos insiders describe the investigation of prosecutor that Marinakis has been cleared from any accusation over Coriopolis scandal.

Honestly I did not understand it initially as I was not aware that the name of Marinakis was involved in Coriopolis scandal. I did not read it anywhere as I know that the Greek press is more independent than Rizospastis. So I thought there was not an issue. Only Asvestas wrote it but none can take him seriously as 29 cement's constructors have suggested to agree with him all the time. They know better...

The Olympiakos report revealed their ill-tempered aim. “All the previous time the jurors wanted to harm Olympiakos and their President as they were unable to compete them both on and outside the field”. Since they have seen the President cashing in on players like Gazarian, then they decide to stop him and tackle his investments.

So, they force him to get a Pakistani mobile and to respond to whoever is mumbling in order to unveil his conversations. Then they get all his words together and they publish them within their papers in order to manipulate the fans and prevent them of going to the airport to welcome Jara and Dossevi. You can read Liakopoulos and Gavathiotis to understand how the provocateurs work.

As long as they planned all this scenario, the President did not speak a word. “Vaggelis Marinakis did not break his silent waiting the real jurors to speak the truth and he responded by establishing a strong team both domestically and abroad”. That was Olympiakos President's drama.

If Zeffirelli had met him earlier and he could see the mountain he was climbing then I think that the Jesus from Nazareth would be named Evangelos and he would be an investor. How unlucky the scribes and Pharisees would be. They would see Santana instead of Varavas.

Moreover, Gavros, made some shocking revelations over the conspiracy against Olympiakos President. “Olympiakos crowd wants those who made up this conspiracy to be named. A propaganda of Goebbels on the TV of 2015, the ill-tempered minds of some provocateurs. Everyone will take their respond. Olympiakos fans see what is going on and they understand how they fight us but they celebrate titles instead of dancing on the mud as the others do”.

That's the truth. Olympiakos fans understand the unfair attack towards Olympiakos President and they fill Karaiskakis Stadium in order to support him and his investments.

According to exclusive sources Olympiakos supporters are thinking to make a strike from the Easter lamb soup if the names of those who invented this conspiracy are not revealed. The same sources claim that the reactions will become stronger on Easter Sunday with a demonstration towards Vari and Vlachika restaurant singing the following song: “The lamb goes round asking for revenge”.

The Olympiakos insiders continued to attack the provocateurs. “These cycles got their answers from the justice itself which they have been calling constantly talking about criminal conspiracy and this kind of provocations. Their interest was not on football of course, which was tarnished by all this scenario, but they just wanted to hit their target to tackle a remarkable attempt amid the the worst financial position of the country”. That was always the case for Greeks.

Always the icons were being undermined. How many situations we can recall really. Their stance against Vlasis Tsakas and his seven princes or their disgraceful behaviour when Artemis Sorras donated us 600 billions euros to spend them into Paola and Pantelidis... That's the fate of the big investors to be recognised after their falling. President, keep calm. It has passed. We're edging towards the end.

Vaggelis from Nazareth