"It is reasonable, this is one of the things making us so dangerous. The opponents do not know which of our players can score many points during a game. Everybody can score, since we are strong in defense, I do not care which one is scoring more points in attack. The point is being solid in scoring points. Against Red Star Belgrade, we were very good for 30 minutes and this was important.

Finally, we gained the victory with 11 points difference, this is what counts, especially in home games, even if we were not so strong in the last quarter. We should be careful and winning such games, we were generally very good, especially in attack. Coach insists in details, it was something that we really need. He is allowing us play freely, but he also wants from us doing our jobs right.

If we don't, he will replace us with some other player, there are many solutions in the squad. Defense is very important for us, we have to be strong and concentrated, not allowing the opponents score, press them hard. Especially at home games, we should be always ready for physical fights and play with passion", said the 27-year-old former player of Lokomotiv Kuban Krasnodar at SDNA.

Singleton at SDNA: "I don't care who scores more points"