"We will not comment on this issue, there was this kind of information and it was finally confirmed as it usually happens during the last 20 years. This is the reason referees Sidiropoulos and Kyzas, after our home match against Iraklis, were blasted by them. It is a common practice of the notorious system, which we wanted to terminate on October 26. Some time in the future, this kind of awful tactics will be over and nobody would want to remember them.

For as long they will be continue working this way and doing these things, we will be reacting and the great majority of football fans in Greece finally realize that. They are spitting on them and they are telling us that it is just rain. I believe that these people will become a part of the unpleasant past in the near future. My statement after away victory against Asteras Tripolis is that we will not start yelling from the beginning of the season, like we can not change anything.

We were expecting the elections of the Hellenic Football Federation then, but now things are different. FIFA has not told us when the elections will be held, it is a different situation. Everybody was happy with the previous refereeing, but we have told that we are not celebrating. There were mistaken decisions against us at games with Xanthi FC and Veria, but now we will be stressed for three days because of a referee appointment at Olympiakos away derby clash.

Obviously, they are not taking Dimitris Saraidaris seriously. He is a person of mutual respect from any side, he is not provocative, we will most likely see once again the incidents of last season's Greek Cup semi final. Super League will not be ended under these terms. FIFA will have to present their plans and as soon as possible to make our requests. The people are ridiculing Greek football and they are now asking for revenge against those who will send them off sports.

This kind of behavior will cause incidents of violence once again, I am afraid that we will see a repeat of Greek Cup's semi final between PAOK and Olympiakos at Toumba Stadium. However, I have no doubt that not only they will become a part of the unpleasant past in near future, but they will also have to face legal consequences for their crimes against football and society. It is not only the 3 points deduction, PAOK have also lost points from mistaken referee decisions.

It seems that we will be paying the price for a long time, with appointments like that of referee Aretopoulos. FIFA has to take strong action and responsibility for their choices, in order to learn who we are dealing with. FIFA can not continue ignoring what happens in Greece, they have recently sent off their corrupted officials and they should not be postponing the elections and the crash of a whole system. PAOK are not looking for excuses, we can definitely beat Olympiakos.

Maybe Aretopoulos will give a solid performance on Sunday, but his past is at least suspicious and when you manage to annoy a whole club three days before the match, you have already achieved your main target. They are showing off their power, but this is ridiculous because they are already terminated from football. They can not deny that, even Dimitris Eleftheriadis has stopped talking during the last week", said Press Officer Kyriakos Kyriakos at radio station Sport FM.

PAOK Press Officer: "Super League will not be ended under these terms"