"We need a clean and quality football and we have to understand that corruption and mistaken referees' decision are creating the violence. I announced my intentions to the other owners and I wont back up, but I am insulted because they called me a guest in Greece. During my four years with PAOK and with some small companies I keep in the country, I have offered more than many others, I want them to hear me as a man who has invested 308 million euros.

I am ready for everything, I agree with the interruption of the Greek Cup and I was also positive for the postponement of Super League. I can support PAOK financially in any condition, I told the owners that referees such as Pappas must be banned for life from football. His decisions at Greek Cup semi final caused violence, they could have led to dead people. We are paying them to make fun of us, we would have agreed with the interruption of the match

I have nothing to be ashamed of, I am an honest investor, proud to be a Pontian and nobody can call me a guest. I demand from the government to respect me, if they want to take back my passport, which I respect very much, they can do it.

They declared war and I will not hesitate and PAOK are ready to win it. We all want a clean football and the end of violence, but until now we were not united, maybe it's time to do so", said the Greek Russian businessman.

Savvidis: "Ready to fight against corruption, PAOK will win this war"