Olga Chatzinikolaou told the official website of the Olympiakos AC that "today we have achieved a huge victory, we showed tremendous will. We were concentrated from the first minute, which is very difficult to do when a stadium is packed and shouts against you. But I think we have begun to perceive the weight of the Olympiakos jersey, as today we played like Olympiakos. It is an awesome feeling to wear Olympiakos jersey and play in a stadium packed with Panathinaikos fans and get the win. This jersey gives you something extra. I hope in the next games our fans will be there.

Anthi Balta said: "It was a very difficult game, it was a derby. As I said yesterday we were ready for this fight. Putting aside the technical analysis, these games need soul and heart. Today my team proved that it has soul and heart and how we got this great victory. Certainly we did play our best game, but when you win in such stadium that does not really matter. I expect our fans to come to our next games at the stadium and to create the unique atmosphere that only they know to do. "

"Amazing feeling to win in a packed Leoforos"