New case of bullying and threats probably related with the Greek football and especially against the man who has suffered the most by the football mafia and criminal organizations.

According to exclusive information of SDNA, the home of the former referee and SYRIZA MP, Petros Konstantineas in Kalamata, was attacked with eggs and other items from strangers who repeatedly hurled the threat 'you will die!"

At that time, his parents, and his child were in the house! The former referee was in Athens and specifically in Parliament.

The strangers fled, while according to testimonies there were at least three men and one on the lookout. That was perfectly organized.

Petros Konstantineas is a key witness in the case of the "criminal organization" in football, as he had an explosive device placed in his Bakery at Kalamata, resulting the leveling of the store and the risk to human lives.

The attack was not the first as there were another two, which led to his resignation.

Konstantineas house attacked!