He said:

About the game against PAOK: "It is still a difficult game, like all games there. I believe, however, that despite the difficulty will do things right."

About PAOK team: "The truth is that I have not seen many games of PAOK but I know them from the previous years. They have changed coach. Each coach has his own ideas. PAOK have good players, playing good football, but we are not going there to hide. We go with confidence and aiming to take the three points. "

On where will the derby be decided: "It is important not to lose our concentration. The atmosphere will play an important role, but we must be calm and look forward the win. "

For Tudor: "It is beautiful that I will see Tudor. I wish him every success in his new duties, but I wish not to have good luck against us".

About the title race: "As long as we can keep this difference, the better. I have confidence in the team. After the difficulties that we had we advance winning. We are doing great. We have four wins and some of these we succeeded against tough teams. We showed we have character and we can say that we will go well. "

Petric: "We are not going there to hide”