Eleni Kapogianni’s team showed champion character in the "hot" venue of Leoforos. Chalivera (24p.) and Johnson (23p.) emerged victorious in the first year's derby, on the 3rd week of A1 women "Greens” drowned into their stress and couldn’t find the offensive plays needed, only survivor was Delva (16p.).

Thus, the "reds" get ahead early in the race for home advantage, showing their potential in a very hot venue. Olympiakos played better and by taking advantage of the PAO nervousness got an early upper hand. Chalivera aggressively led the "reds”

The MVP: The Sultana Chalivera was incredible (24p, 8/12) and led Olympiakos to the great derby win. Both the dynamic start, and when the game was on the edge, she was there to provide solutions for the team.

The quarters: 16-21, 36-32, 51-49, 61-66.

Panathinaikos - Olympiakos 61-66