Igor Tudor spoke about the hard work of PAOK, spoke about and sent a message ahead of tomorrow's derby against Panathinaikos.

Conclusions after the game to Krasnodar: "In the end I think we were on the positive side. I took positive conclusions. Krasnodar is not an easy Club. We did well in defense. Offensive we had chances but we did not have the quality to finish them”

Tthe changes made and the result needed: "There is no question of the players adapting to the team. Of course some people need more time but not all newcomers. We also have old players and new. It is a mix and there is no problem with that. We always try our best, sometimes we win, sometimes not. It is very important to follow the rules. We have good group management. The result depends on the opponent, but also from your own quality, but it is very important to see things in the games, which I do, according to what we work on, in training. "

The pressure regarding the result and whether it helps the team: "I do not know how the pressure can help. Some players work best under pressure, some do not. I spoke before about this matter. We are PAOK and should always be winning. We are professionals and we always try our best. We are doing a good job. Of course we need some points. We are preparing game by game. On Sunday we play against Panathinaikos and we will be ready for the game. "

About the game against Panathinaikos: "On Sunday we want to win against a great opponent. I am 100% sure that there will be very good in the derby. "

About Petric and Pranjic: "Great players and very nice guys. I know both of them personally. On Sunday they will be my "enemies" but I want to win them. "

Tudor: "We will win ..."