"I would like first of all to say thanks to our previous coach because the team was doing well and we had very good cooperation. A thank you from the players and me personally. Now we are thinking ahead for the game on Saturday and will see how we will continue with the new manager.

What we face is the fact that a few days of training left until the next game with a different coach. The first thing that concerns us is to have good performance in the game against Iraklis.

Let's see what the new coach wants; the fact is that we had a few days to train under the new manager demands. After the game against Olympiakos we want to take a revenge for ourselves. This title I would give view for the next game.

Since the first day I arrived I never set a limit for my performance. I feel that I am constantly improving, but I do not set limits. The important thing is my pride I have for the team and the people who chose me and of course to make our fans happy. I want to keep working to get better and better ".

Baroja: "We want revenge ..."