Let everything be said from “Shamrock’s” point of view:

“Today’s decision for the conviction of Beos for attempted extortion of referee Daloukas in order for Panathinaikos wronged in the match against Aris Thessaloniki in September 2011, is a true testimony of what is happening for years against our team and the Greek football in general. Regardless if the treacherous plans were unsuccessful in that match (the fans of football remember very well who spoke about the"crime against the Greek football and Greece" commenting on Daloukas refereeing in this game), Panathinaikos unfortunately remains in the sights of parastate. This decision is a vindication in the uncompromising battle of Panathinaikos against Para state, which acted and acts using any means possible to achieve its objective: the clear alteration of the League in favor a particular Club. The battle will continue until the end. "

"Panathinaikos was and remains a target of the parastate"