The statement: "The board of the historic Association expressing the views of the vast majority of refugees from Asia Minor who settled here and created this city, it is considered to be the most appropriate place for the construction of the stadium, when before 88 years, was granted by the State for "the sporting needs for children of the refugees”.

It is also known state law the conditions for construction of the stadium with the agreement of the country's highest court, the Council of State, which is known to be very strict about environmental issues.

We’d like to remind that the State Council in 2004 put a barrier to the plans for the construction were harmful and could have affected the environment and were not in harmony with the residential style of our city.

It is also known by all the relevant government authorities that the previous governments have approved the plans of construction and environmentally terms.

The study presented by the Municipality of Philadelphia - Halkidona that was actually paid by the city’s funds and of a private entity and thus it cannot be questioned

We believe that for our town, for sports, for culture and history of this New Home of Asia Minor refugee we express that we need without any further delay the municipality in a joint course with AEK, to help direct the construction of AEK‘s stadium. "

"Yes" for the “Agia Sophia" by the Minor Asia Committee of N. Philadelphia