“Shamrock’s” midfielder spoke to website for the battle of "Maximir" underlining that Olympiakos "is stronger than last season," he took off his hat to Marco Silva and made specific reference to Fortunis for who he said that "everything’s spinning around his way."

"Olympiakos are stronger than last season. They play well and the new coach, Marco Silva, has done a great job. Olympiakos is a stronger team from Dynamo Zagreb, " said Danijel Pranjić.

"The flanks. Olympikos’ wingers offer great support both in defense and in attack. The brain of the team, however, is Fortunis. Everything revolves around him. This season has already scored seven goals. Olympiakos is very good on the counterattack, "replied the Croatian midfielder of Panathinaikos to a question about Olympiakos’ strength.

When the conversation went on any weaknesses the "reds" might have, the Pranjic stated that: "The biggest weakness is in the center of the defense, thus, Botia and Siovas. The fast and aggressive players of Dynamo could cause damage. "

For the chances Dinamo Zagreb might have, Pranjic said: "In the Maximir is 50-50! I want the "blues" to get at least a point. With Arsenal they showed that they can win, so let's repeat the same with the Greeks. "

Pranjic: "Olympiakos is stronger than last year"