Paulo Masado known for his Olympiakos days stated that despite of the nice memories he has playing for Olympiakos now you want to win. He praised Tsori Dominguez.

I enjoyed my days we found in vehicles but I know play for dynamo. It's my team and I want to win them we want to go as far as we can in the Champions League

I am very happy we playing against them but we know that the Greeks well so happy to be drawn against us. It's going to be difficult games for both teams.

Leandro Salino is my best friend and we speak after each game. We talked a lot about the games we played so far and he was very happy when we won Arsenal. It was a very positive result for them.

Olympiakos did the same though and now everything is open for both of us when the league started everybody said that dynamo and Olympiakos would be easy. I think that Arsonal didn't respect the teams as the should have done

I think that Dominguez is Olympiakos best player. If you leave him unguarded she can create problems.

Masado: "I want to win Olympiakos"