Olympiakos confirmed what no one wants to listen. They have the best thing in Greece. NBA position realized once again what Olympiakos family doesn't want to hear. The outside the four lines of the pitch is as offending as for someone to get into the church and offend the believers and their faith.

Regarding the performance, no surprise. The 4-0 doesn't reflect of what really happened on the pitch. AEK stood,and looked Olympiakos into the eyes for 60-65 minutes, mainly thanks AEK's stature. Having 51-49 possession of the ball and the 9-8 shots made, betray that something was wrong on how the game was managed. Dellas left half acre wide open, AEK played ebb-tide system chasing the ball and gave Olympiakos to dominate the game.

Olympiakos has proven that they possess the know-how of how to win the difficult games playing in transition. Steals, the fast passing, Domingues/Fortounis and Durmaz/Ideye attacking setting up the game and...goal. It is impossible that Tudor didn't watch the game in London and Dellas the one in Tuba. Impossible not to be realized. But it happened again. Another proof that Coaches in football dont have the slightest interference on a tactical level in any group Sport played.

The difference between the two teams on the pitch was as chaotic as the 4-0 scoreline states. But the difference of quality is greater than the 4-0. AEK competes in this year's championship, ie the completion of the "We Are Coming" with Aravidis and Crisantous and Djebour sidelined. This is not "We Are Coming", but have a look around the corner to see if we are coming. Thus no responsibility can be put upon Aravidis or Platellas or Tzanetopoulos.

No surprise by the Referee either. The joy of Kyzas for the goals Fortunis scored was greater than the scoreline. Who will remember that the first goal is slightly controversial? Who will remember the offside called as the AEK player received the ball after the opponent's pass? The other offside? The nerves that caused by the referee's decisions? Full time 4-0, Visit to the investigator if you want to find your right, when and if the trial will take place in 5-6 years.

And at the end of the day as someone was saying "Look after the boys for a week or so" or hear that 'we have to come to an understanding about the other...three " as Emilios was saying to Tzimplakis, a couple of media will write about this and then it will be forgotten.

Regardless, however, of one's judgement, the football pitch is like a weight-scale. A good team is a good team, like someone who is overweight steps on the weight scale he'd still be overweight either if he hadn't had anything to eat or if he didn’t eat anything.

The statements by Marinakis are a continuation to the ones made by Theodoridis. This is a continuation of Karapapa’s interventions. All integrated on the same wavelength. For the average fan to see and laugh at those who dare to engage passionately with the sport.

I will not go in the process of commenting on the statements or announcements and leaks.

I will repeat the question that I made yesterday evening on SKAI: How can the Greek citizen feels watching a five times felony accused to speak with such arrogance and style? Especially about football while he was panned of having any engagements with Sports.

And he calls a team for not investing a scam. Iraklis who’s budget of 1.5 million took the draw from PAOK whose budget is 15, is scam is? Same goes for Olympiakos against Arsenal and so on.

His attitude was made very clear that he intended to hurt Melissanides. So,what football is? Is it the Far West ? offending Clubs A HUNDRED TIMES larger than their size?

Marinakis has a golden opportunity to follow the steps of the football department. Nobody seeks fair play because it would be utopian. It would be equally unrealistic to ask for humility and modesty even in victories. Have some respect. Not to AEK. But mostly of the Club represented. He clearly wins Arsenal PAOK, AEK and while in the field wins the respect of their opponents outside this receives only derision.

Olympiakos inside and outside Football grounds: the comparison of two worlds