According to exclusive information of SDNA, Apollon Smyrnis proceeds making two "moves" to ensure the promotion to the Super League as from this year running.In detail:

Apollon Smyrnis sent a document to the tactical referee court of EPO asking the reopening of the decision of promoting Levadia and not Apollon case,when the final relegation Kerkyra was decided. Meanwhile, calls for Levadiakos and Apollon to stop taking part in the current championships Super League and the Football League respectively, until a final decision on to which team will be participate in the major league.

Apollon will submit a new request, this time to the Ethics Committee of EPO, the five-member composition of which now only consists of regular judges. Apollon will seek to reopen the file of the Olympiacos - Veria 3-0 game back in January 6, 2013, which according to the prosecutor and the special investigator is considered to be "fixed".

The reason Apollon asks for the reopening of this case, is the fact that there are new evidence regarding manipulation evidence from players who participated in this game. Apollo cites new evidence of Guillermo Perez, as most witnesses are more than two required by the relevant regulation!

With this move, Apollon wants the Ethics Committee to introduce the request to the High Court of Arbitration of EPO, asking judges to reopen the case by the special investigator corruption, George Andreadis, with all the new evidence that have been added to the case. Ultimate goal; Since Veria judged 'guilty' and relegated, Apollon automatically takes Veria's place in the Superleague as runners up!

The Olympiakos-Veria case file reopens