Iraklis FC calls the fans to support the players’ efforts at “Kaftatzoglio” against PAOK. Avoiding incidents, that could cause trouble for the club.

The statement:

“Iraklis FC and the legal department would like to draw the attention of our fans for the game against PAOK at “Kaftatzoglio”. Starting from this season running, there where changes to the laws made stricter. Especially a team already punished in the past would face very strict penalties.

As a result we call our fans to support Iraklis, like they always do, without causing even the slightest trouble. We present to you some of the penalties according to the new Sanctions Code of EPO.

Foul language, banners and laser pens.

Pyro, firecrackers, flammable items

Throwing bottles, pyros, smoke bombs into the stadium

Entering the pitch is prohibited

Any violations will be punishable even if the happen before, during or after the game.We’ d like to remind you that we already been punished this season which brings towards even toughest penalties. Let’s all together protect our team.

Enjoy the game”.

Iraklis calls for “attention” regarding tonight’s derby