One more incident of football violence took place last night and a few hours before tonight’s game Olympiakos – AEK at “Karaiskakis”.

SDNA’s exclusive information, report that unidentified people threw firecrackers outside the KED’s member house causing panic to the quite neighborhood of Agios Dimitrios.

Just before they ran away, the thugs managed to through paint on the door and dropped flyers with unknown so far context.

For the time being the former referee hasn’t made any comment yet concerning the attack. He didn’t file an official complaint yet.

Whatever the case, we are dealing with another incident of football fans violence, which this time expressed against the referees.

We only hope that at some point they who are responsible to make sure that this is the last time that we witness such events, before we start talking about victims…

SDNA was there and exclusive photos from the attack follow…

Thugs attack a high ranked member of KED house (pics)