Olympiacos is one step away from relegation to Super League 2. The motion by the member of the Conduct Committee, Panayiota Spanou, is official: Relegation, lifetime ban from football for Vangelis Marinakis and a 3 million-euro fine, according to article 29 of the Code of Conduct, that refers to “influence for match-manipulation” and consists of the heaviest penalties of the disciplinary code.

The member of the Committee believes that there was match manipulation between Olympiacos and Atromitos in 2015 (among other matches) and sends the Piraeus team and its owner on the ropes. A motion that was revealed on Wednesday 22/4 and shocked the football society, although the Media of the “ring” tried to downplay it.

However, it is now official and Olympiacos is one decision away from relegation and will have to turn things around in order to avoid it.

The Conduct Committee ran late, but in the end took action. After months of investigation, as it had informed the defendants of the case in November that research would begin, it ended up with this shocking motion for Olympiacos and its owner, but also for the other 11 defendants, among which is the former Federation president George Sarris and the owner of Atromitos George Spanos.

The investigator of the Committee, and this is important, did not wait for the result of the case in the Court of Criminal Appeal, which is not expected before September, and sends Olympiacos and its owner to the next stage of the disciplinary process, to its judicial department, as a defendant, with the danger of relegation.

Earlier, SDNA mentioned the recent precedent of Xanthi in the case of stock composition, from which it occurs that the disciplinary bodies are not restricted from the criminal stage that is pending. There, for the case of the specific match, Takis Fyssas insisted on what he had initially testified.

Shocking motion: Relegation for Olympiacos, lifetime ban for Marinakis and a 3 million-euro fine